Bull Durham Stadium

The City of Durham, NC
Purchased: 60,000 sf of Terratile®
10,000 sf of Terracover II®

Durham Blues Festival at night

The cover system will be stored at the “Old Durham Bulls Ballpark”. The facility has been renamed “The Durham Athletic Park” and is currently undergoing a $6 million renovation funded by the City of Durham. This renovation will allow the City to host a number of major special events that will require the field to be covered by the high-end turf protection system, Terratile®

Removal of tiles – notice condensation from the Terratile greenhouse effect

The renovated Durham Athletic Park will not only be the home field for local high schools and college baseball teams, but Minor League Baseball will train turf managers at the ballpark as well.

Removing Terracover II and Terratile from infield

The ballpark was made famous as the site of the Kevin Costner movie about minor league baseball, “Bull Durham”.

Image of infield – covered grass remains healthier than the uncovered outfield