Terraplas Protects the Finish-Line at Folsom Field

At the end of every academic year the University of Colorado hosts its BolderBOULDER 10K run and for the last 12-years, terraplas® – the ultimate Turf Protection – has been at the finish-line.

The eventual winner, who crossed over the finish-line at the University’s Folsom Field stadium on May 27, 2013, was Kenyan Allan Kiprono, who finished in a time of 29 minutes and 28.79. His strong finish led Kenya to the International Team Challenge title, ending Ethiopia’s six-year reign in the race.

Terraplas USA’s (TUSA) Site Managers for the event, Justin King and Aaron Molander, not only managed the install and removal of the terraplas® but they ran in the race as well. Justin finished in 55 minutes, with Aaron a few strides ahead in 52 minutes, both very respectable times.

Protecting Folsom Field’s finish-line was 60,000sqft of terraplas®. As the world-leader in Turf Protection, Terraplas was contracted as the Sole Supplier of Turf Protection to both the FIFA World Cup 2010 venues in South Africa and to the EURO 2012 stadia in Ukraine; with such high-level elite references, it is little wonder that the University of Colorado chose one of Terraplas’ industry-leading products to protect their field.

The timing devices that recorded each runner’s time were located under the terraplas® at the finish-line, with each runner having a chip tied to their shoe or in their bib. Thanks to Terraplas USA and Folsom Field’s highly professional team of groundsmen, the venue was able to return to football stadium mode immediately after the 10K run.

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60,000sqft of terraplas® – the ultimate Turf Protection – protected Folsom Field’s finish-line.


Justin King, TUSA Site Manager for the 2013 BolderBOULDER 10K run that ends as it does every year in the University of Colorado’s football stadium, Folsom Field.