Municipality   & Festivals Product   Notes   and Sample Events
Own   Terraplas® Products Products Owned
Akron, Ohio Marathon Terraplas®       5,500 sq ft Awards area
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL Terraplas®      1,500 sq ft Video Music Awards
Bumpershoot, Seattle, WA Terraplas®      18,200 sq ft Administrative area
Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY Terraplas®       80,000 sq ft Stones, Police
Clinton Library, Little Rock, AR Terraplas®     108,000 sq   ft Opening Ceremonies
Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival Terraflor®        10,000 sq ft Concerts
Hawthorne Racecourse, Columbus, OH Terraplas®      10,800 sq ft Metallica concert
Kid’s Choice Awards, UCLA campus Terraplas®        7,000 sq ft Concerts
L A Coliseum Terraplas® Concerts
Miller Brewing, Circle C Ranch
Dallas, TX
Terraplas®       10,000 sq ft Tent flooring
Outback Concerts, Nashville, TN Terraplas®      10,000 sq ft Blue Ridge Music Festival
Randall’s Island, NY Terraplas®       15,000 sq ft Dave Matthews Band
Rental Clients Product Rented
Aspen Wine and Food Festival Terraplas®        30,000 sq ft Tent flooring
City of Dallas TerracoverV® 6,000 sq ft Synthetic Ice Rink
Del Mar Racetrack, Del Mar, CA Terraflor®       2,160 sq Walkway over track
International Tennis Hall of Fame Terraplas®      9,000 sq ft Cover the court
City of Jacksonville, FL Terraflor®       34,000 sq ft Super Bowl Concerts
LA Times, Festival of Books, UCLA Terraplas®        20,000 sq ft Walkways
Tony Hawk Foundation fundraiser, LA Terraflor®      2,250 sq ft Skateboard park demo