Indoor Synthetic Cover Systems

**All of the Natural Grass Products may be used over synthetic turf fields for patron seating and patron access areas**


Drivable cover system for any surface
70,000 sq ft available Nationwide

TERRATRAK® is a drivable cover system that is made in 13.33′ sq. ft. panels with vertical locking cams. The 4″ overlapping edges create excellent stability. The bottom of the tile has a unique cross-hatch design giving it the highest load capacity in the industry of 152,000 psf.
Download TerraTrak Plus spec sheet

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Terratrack Plus Dimensions:
13.33 sq ft of surface per tile
47″ sq and 1.63″ high

Pinned in sheets of two (4′ x 8′) and placed on pallets 24 high

639 sq ft per pallet; stacked 2 pallets high,
11,517 sq ft stores in a 45.5 ft by 8 ft.


Natural grass and synthetic turf fields

TERRACOVER V® is the premium cover system for both outdoor and indoor versions of synthetic turf (in fill) systems. The tiles have an overlapping edge creating a monolithic top surface, and a unique cone filled underside. These combined features produce a 61,600 lbs psf spread load capacity.
Download Terracover V spec sheet

Download Terracover V PowerPoint

Terracover V Dimensions:
Each tile is 3.25′ x 3.25′ x 1.375″ (1 meter x 1 meter x 30mm)

Pinned in sheets of 4 (2 square meters) and placed on pallets of 20 sheets high

stacked 3 pallets high
18,081 sq ft stores in a 45.5 ft by 6.5 ft.